Free VIN Checks Saves People from Flood Damage

December 10, 2012

Organizations concerned with the consumer’s affair have repeatedly voiced their concern to people planning to purchase a used car to be extra careful primarily because of what super storm Sandy has done. They have made sure that their message have been spread to all fifty states. The message says that cars with flood damage are being circulated on the market. Cars that are included in this fair warning may have a wide range of problems shortly after purchase such as the following:

  • Stalling engine for no apparent reason
  • Electronic equipment ceasing function in an instant
  • Anti-lock brakes may not function
  • Airbags may not deploy quick enough or at all
  • Allergies may also arise due to molding

New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, which is one of those groups almost blatantly calling out to the public such concerns, published recently some tips on buying used cars. One point they have been redundantly stressing is always to look at the vehicle history report before making a purchase. They say that the holiday rush isn’t even a good enough reason to skip this process because it’s very easy nowadays to get a free VIN check, which should show you instantly the information you should learn before ever buying a used car. Some of the details available to see in that report are

  • How many previous owners
  • How many times the airbags have been deployed
  • What damages this car has stood up against through its lifetime
  • How many repair service has it received
  • And what is the estimated value considering the list above

Free CARFAX Record Check

Pre-Purchase Inspection with a Free VIN Check

December 9, 2012

You don’t need to talk to an expert for someone to tell you how important an inspection is before buying a used car. Hands down anyone with a sane mind should tell you that skipping it brings all kind of problems afterwards.

Why is it so important?

Called a pre-purchase inspection, it brings several things unto the table for a buyer. For one thing, next to a house, a car even a used one, can easily be a person’s single most expensive investment. That alone, should tell you the gravity of finding out as much in the car as possible before letting go of your hard earn money. You see, even if you have taken the precaution of a free VIN check to see the history of a car through CARFAX’s database, there is no guarantee since not everything could be reported.

Thus, to avoid any mishaps, a pre-purchase inspection should be in bold on our checklist when buying a car previously owned by someone else.

This is where a mechanic comes in handy. Since these guys observe, diagnose and fix cars for a living, there shouldn’t be any other profession in the world better at what’s needed to be done. Their eyes should detect the faintest difference in paint color that would suggest past damage. Their expertise should help you identify even the slightest corrosion on the engine, unwieldy transmission, worn brakes etc…

Free CARFAX Record Check